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The Moors Castle

Once upon a time,

in fact this very day

In a land not at all far, far away

Amidst an enchanting forest hideaway

Rose The Moors Castle, striking in display


a special celebration, wedding or birthday?

crafted to your dreams, done your way

Al la carte, or buffet,

champagne or chardonnay


or just a perfect tranquil hideaway?

Where kids can run and laugh and play

Where daily stresses fall away

And mindful worries all allay


So come join us. What do you say?

Music, shows, festivals, fayres to array

these are all the things to come this way,

Hopes and dreams with each stone inlay


Come, join our journey, come this way

And let our imaginations fly away

Don’t hesitate, don’t delay

Call our number straightaway