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People Magagize

Special Wedding Edition

10 April 2017 

The Moors Castle was the venue for a fashion shoot we did for an upcoming issue.

What a magical, beautiful venue! Here we share a bit of interesting info about the castle.
Ronelle Badenhorst Stols, is a business woman with an artistic flair comprising of a magnetism towards all things magically enchanting.

As a young girl, she found solace in the world of fairy tales, wizards and all things described in the ominously enchanting imaginations of the brothers Grimm and the like.

Unbeknown to her at the time, it was within her kindred spirit, and through the eyes of these fairy tales, that the foundation of a dream was laid of owning her own castle, on the foothills of an enchanted forest.

This dream lay dormant within her heart, until the day she laid eyes on the beautiful sunset overlooking the lush green foothills of the picturesque Muldersdrift.

She recognized the sunset as being the one she read about all those years ago, the sunset that brought with it the promise of happily ever after.


And with this, the dream became a goal, and the Moors Castle was born. 


Although Ronelle’s imagination exudes feminine detail, she did not stand back from the hard labour required during the construction of this magnificent development.

She made sure that the energy within her heart, bringing fairy tales to life, was transferred into every aspect of the building.

Her passion and dedication to bring life to fantasy, has ensured that the Moors Castle, is fast becoming known as one of the most breathtakingly beautiful new developments within Southern Africa.

The Moors Castle is situated on the magical place where the Jukskei River meets the Crocodile River. As if the river was a map through which she was able to narrate this fairy tale experience, her imagination run free, whilst bringing life to the fairy tales of days gone by.

Whilst innovatively allowing her to entangle her childhood memories with her adult ambitions.

The building of the castle was a story much like any fairy tale, presenting lessons of virtue and resilience, in the face of adversity.

The energy surrounding the Moors Castle, is blessed with the resounding sense of extreme peacefulness, happiness, containing no superficial references bound by categories, whilst forming the identity of the Moors Castle.


The initiative behind the castle was to create a timeless place of fantasy, creativity and imagination.

The Moors Castle is environmentally friendly. It is completely off the grid and runs entirely on solar power enforced by generator back-up.

Supplemented by a bore hole, the roof structure was designed to collect rainwater on the east side to be stored, filtered and fed into the building, and on the western side it feeds the mote functioning as a water filter system for the natural swimming dam, adjacent the kiddies play area.

This beautiful dream currently offers two indoor reception areas, three lounges and a picturesque outside amphitheatre.

The Moors Castle hosts a variety of functions, from wedding ceremonies and receptions to conferences, parties and live shows and fantasy fayres.

There is an open area at the front that is currently the beautiful setting upon which outdoor music festivals are held.

A weekend restaurant will be opening soon in a relaxed lounge feel serving a variety of plated foods where parents can relax and kids can play in nature.


Developments are currently underway for the construction of magical overnight accommodation in the shape of Treehouses and Goblin Clay Huts.

They are planning to build a variety of natural and alternative building style units, in the surrounding forest.

For the purpose of a bridal preparation, rooms and a honeymoon suite is available.

The Moors Castle prides themselves in offering an original and inspiring setting, intent on quality service and good wholesome food. At the Moors Castle, you are treated like Royalty.

For more beautiful images taken at the Moors Castle, check out our magical fashion editorial appearing in next week’s issue of People Magazine on sale 10 April.




All Things Magically Enchanting


Brenda Taylor


April 4, 2017

The Moors Castle